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SB Dunk Pro™ Low - Digital Pattern

SB Dunk Pro™ Low - Digital Pattern

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Current version: 231101
If you're looking to use the Cricut to cut your patterns watch this YouTube video.
Presenting the latest evolution in our Patterns for Makers, by Makers series – the SB Dunk Pro™ pattern by SneakEasy Shoe Co. This isn't just another pattern; it's a revolution in shoe design, combining the signature Dunk™ aesthetic with advanced craftsmanship details that will push your shoemaking abilities to the next level.

Exclusive to this pattern is the design's asymmetrical element, a daring feature that sets this sneaker apart, creating a visually dynamic look that remains true to the Dunk's storied heritage. This distinct design also features a sprung mudguard, an innovative addition that significantly simplifies the lasting process while ensuring a pristine shape every time.

A further standout attribute is the retail-shaped heel, a detail masterfully integrated into the pattern. This intricate feature provides a professional finish to your creation, bringing retail precision to your custom build.

This pattern is designed with a seamless integration with your Cricut in mind. By fine-tuning the Pen lines, your Cricut will deliver precision cuts and mark registration lines, allowing you to concentrate on the broader creative elements of your project.

Our all-inclusive pattern encompasses all parts of the shoe, from the upper, liners, toe-puff, and reinforcements, to the lasting board. Your digital download, available in both .pdf and .svg formats, is meticulously designed to ensure all you need to craft a top-tier finished shoe is at your fingertips.

Whether you're a veteran shoemaker or a novice just starting your journey, the SB Dunk Pro™ pattern from SneakEasy Shoe Co. is a crucial addition to your creative arsenal. This pattern is a game-changer, fusing innovation with aesthetics to elevate your shoemaking craft.

The .svg files are optimized to ensure flawless cutting on your Cricut, while the .pdf file is tailored to be printed on 11" x 17" paper, ensuring each intricate detail is captured perfectly for your final product.

We're thrilled to announce to our community that we're currently crafting instructional content set for release on our YouTube channel. We have published a live build of the Dunk™ here.

At SneakEasy Shoe Co., we embrace the power of continuous evolution. As we refine and perfect our builds, we are committed to continually enhancing our patterns. When you purchase our patterns, you're not just acquiring a high-quality design tool, but you're joining a passionate community and gaining lifetime access to our pattern updates. As we improve our designs, you'll always have access to download the latest version of your purchased pattern, at no additional cost.

Please note that all sales are final with no provision for refunds or exchanges.

SneakEasy Shoe Co. is independent and unaffiliated with Nike. The SB Dunk Pro™ brand is a registered trademark of Nike, and we neither sell nor produce SB Dunk Pro™ shoes. We provide patterns for customizing authentic Nike shoes, which must be procured separately. Join us on our journey of shoemaking innovation and stay up-to-date with the best and latest in design evolution.


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