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Dunk™ Low Models - Physical Pattern

Dunk™ Low Models - Physical Pattern

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Dive into the world of custom shoemaking with a pattern that's not just any pattern. It's a beacon of durability, designed from ultra-tough plastic to withstand countless crafting sessions and the inevitable mishaps that come with true creativity. Unlike those made from paper or acrylic, our pattern laughs in the face of spills and wear, ready to guide you through multiple creations of your chosen Dunk silhouette.

Your pattern arrives in a transparent plastic envelope, meticulously labeled with the size and silhouette, ensuring your creations are both swift to start and spotless in storage. With a robust steel ring included, say goodbye to clutter and hello to a harmonious workspace as your pattern collection flourishes.

Choose your path with SneakEasy's offering: the SB Dunk Pro, designed with the skater in mind, featuring a clever "flap" to hide the bottom two lace loops for extra protection against griptape wear, and a streamlined look without the traditional single line of stitching over the side Swooshes. Or, opt for the timeless Dunk Low, honoring the original design with its iconic stitching and pure silhouette.

Our comprehensive pattern set includes all the essentials: upper pieces, liners, toe-puff, lasting board, and a unique sprung mudguard, all tailored to ensure a perfect fit on our Dunk lasts. This empowers you to flawlessly execute the design of your choice, whether it's the street-savvy SB Dunk Pro or the classic Dunk Low. You choose!

Elevate your custom shoemaking game with SneakEasy’s dual-option pattern. Why limit yourself when you can have the best of both worlds? Secure your pattern today and step into a realm of endless creativity and precision.

For an insider's look and expert guidance, immerse yourself in our digital domain. The SneakEasy YouTube channel is your go-to for insights and inspiration, featuring everything from the nuts and bolts of crafting your Dunks to the mesmerizing Dunk After Dark live builds of the SB Dunk. Don't miss our Dunk Low Order of Operations, a visual masterpiece that demystifies the crafting sequence with precision and flair.

Subscribe to SneakEasy Shoe Co on YouTube for a front-row seat to the art and soul of sneaker customization
For the SB you’ll want to check out our Dunk After Dark - Live Build with Coach Playlist
And for the traditional Dunk Low you’ll need to use the Dunk Low Order of Operations

Disclaimer: SneakEasy Shoe Co. navigates independently, with no ties to Nike. The Dunk™ and SB Dunk Pro™ are trademarks of Nike, but the art of customization? That's our domain. Prepare your genuine Nike shoes; we're ready to transform them.

And remember, all sales are final, with no room for refunds or exchanges, but we're confident that once you dive into our digital patterns, there'll be no looking back. Welcome to the future of custom shoemaking.

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