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Adidas Samba Digital Pattern - Craft Your Classic

Adidas Samba Digital Pattern - Craft Your Classic

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If you're looking to use the Cricut to cut your patterns watch this YouTube video.
Dive into the future of shoemaking with the revolutionary Adidas Samba™ digital pattern from SneakEasy, part of our acclaimed "Patterns for Makers, by Makers" collection. This digital marvel isn't just another file; it's a masterful blend of Adidas Samba's rich heritage and cutting-edge design, ensuring your custom creations embody the spirit of this iconic silhouette with every stitch.

Crafted for the digital artisan, our pattern seamlessly melds with your Cricut™ setup. Adjust the Pen lines to mirror your vision perfectly, and let your Cricut™ take care of the precise cuts and markings. This frees you up to focus solely on the artistry of your design, ensuring a creative process as smooth as the finish on your custom Sambas.

But we didn't stop at just the basics. Our digital pattern is a comprehensive toolkit, featuring everything from the upper, liners, toe-puff, reinforcements, to the lasting board. Available in both .pdf and .svg formats, these files are meticulously crafted to align with our Adidas Samba last, providing everything you need to construct a superior quality shoe.

With SneakEasy's Adidas Samba™ digital pattern, you're not just making shoes; you're crafting a legacy. Our patterns guarantee your projects will be executed with the utmost finesse and precision, every time.

Our .svg files are optimized for flawless cutting with your Cricut™, while the .pdf format is perfect for printing on 11" x 17" paper, capturing every detail for those who prefer a tangible reference. The pattern package includes everything needed to construct a high-quality shoe, ensuring a seamless crafting experience.

For the inside scoop on getting the most out of our patterns, check out our YouTube channel. And to see these beauties in action, follow us @SneakEasyShoeCo on Instagram. We've even got a live build of this very pattern waiting for you.

Joining SneakEasy means more than just getting a pattern; it's about becoming part of a passionate community dedicated to excellence in shoemaking. We're committed to continually refining our designs, and as part of our community, you'll receive complimentary updates to your purchased digital patterns, keeping your toolkit at the forefront of shoemaking technology.

Please note: SneakEasy Shoe Co. operates independently, with no affiliation to Adidas™. Samba™ is a trademark of Adidas, and our dedication is to provide exceptional patterns for your shoemaking projects. To bring your custom designs to life, you'll need to acquire genuine Adidas shoes separately.

And remember, all sales are final, with no room for refunds or exchanges, but we're confident that once you dive into our digital patterns, there'll be no looking back. Welcome to the future of custom shoemaking.

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