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Opera GoRain Suede - Tiffany Blue(Half Skin)

Opera GoRain Suede - Tiffany Blue(Half Skin)

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Strike a pose and sashay into the exclusive circle of SneakEasy Shoe Co. with our latest luxe suede – the Tiffany-Tinted Opera Suede. This isn’t your garden-variety suede; we’ve teamed up with the maestros at Opera to conjure up a suede so sumptuous and in such limited quantities, it’s like the VIP section of fabrics.

Drenched in a hue that whispers Tiffany Blue, this suede is the stuff of daydreams for shoemakers and custom sneaker creators. We're talking a featherlight 4-4.5 oz suede with a softness that'll make your heart skip a beat. The soft temper? Like butter. It's as pliable as your imagination and just waiting to be transformed into footwear that'll make heads turn.

Don't worry about those puddle splashes – this suede comes with a water-repellent swagger that keeps your step as crisp as a fall morning. And with a half skin yielding 6-7 sq ft of this premium material, the shoe possibilities are as endless as the line for a limited drop.

Here’s the not-so-secret: while our suede might make you think of breakfast at Tiffany's, we’re all about that SneakEasy uniqueness. We’re not affiliated with Tiffany & Co., but we are in cahoots with Opera for this one-of-a-kind release. So, lace up your design boots and get ready to create – this suede is on the clock and the timer’s ticking.

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