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Dunk Low - Digital Pattern

Dunk Low - Digital Pattern

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If you're looking to use the Cricut to cut your patterns watch this YouTube video.
Unlock the future of sneaker customization with our Dunk Low (NOT SB) digital pattern, a crown jewel in our 'Patterns for Makers, by Makers' series. This digital pattern is not just a tool; it's a passport to creating Dunk Lows that defy conventions, integrating heritage with digital finesse. Tailored for seamless integration with your Cricut™, this pattern lets you adjust Pen lines to encapsulate your vision, ensuring a precise cut and accurate registration marks for a flawless execution of your design.

The pattern encompasses every element required for the shoe, including the upper, liners, toe-puff, reinforcements, and lasting board, detailed on our Dunk Low last. Available in both .pdf and .svg formats, it empowers you with the tools to produce a premium finished shoe. Our .svg files are optimized for precision cutting on your Cricut™, while the .pdf version is perfect for manual crafting, capturing every detail.

Joining SneakEasy means embarking on a journey with a passionate community dedicated to shoemaking excellence. We're committed to continually refining our designs, ensuring that as part of our community, you'll receive complimentary updates to your purchased digital patterns, keeping your toolkit cutting-edge.

Key Features:

  • Overlapping eye stays on the mudguard for detailed precision.
  • A sprung mudguard for easy and perfect lasting.
  • Non-symmetrical design for an authentic retail appearance.
  • Unique heel shape integrated into the pattern for standout creations.

Dive into the realm of custom Dunk Lows with a digital pattern designed for creators who demand the best. Remember, SneakEasy operates independently, with no affiliation to Nike. Our patterns inspire your custom creations on genuine Nike shoes, which must be acquired separately.

For a deep dive into our pattern's potential, join our vibrant community on YouTube at, and don’t miss our step-by-step walkthrough at, guiding you through the crafting process.

And remember, all sales are final, with no room for refunds or exchanges, but we're confident that once you dive into our digital patterns, there'll be no looking back. Welcome to the future of custom shoemaking.

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