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Air Jordan™ 1 Retro Travis Scott Low - Physical Pattern

Air Jordan™ 1 Retro Travis Scott Low - Physical Pattern

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The all-new Travis Scott AJ 1 Low physical pattern by SneakEasy Shoe Co. is a perfect blend of high-quality materials, innovative design, and practicality, specifically curated for custom shoe builders who crave the perfect pair of Travis Scott-inspired kicks.

Crafted from ultra-durable plastic, our patterns can withstand the test of time and the occasional spill better than those made from paper or acrylic. Their sleek construction is capable of enduring countless usage cycles, allowing you to create countless Travis Scott replicas before needing a replacement.

As part of our 'Patterns by Makers, for Makers' series, we've consolidated the best features from various market patterns to provide you with a user-friendly, high-quality pattern that allows for the creation of custom shoes with an unmatched level of precision and ease.

Our comprehensive pattern set includes all upper pieces, liners, toe-puff, lasting board, and even comes with a second, flatter mudguard for those who use a flat-bed sewing machine for their custom builds. The Travis Scott Air Jordan 1™ Low pattern's asymmetrical design seamlessly fits any popular AJ1 last, ensuring you can recreate your own version of this iconic shoe with ease.

Don't let subpar patterns hold back your creative potential. With SneakEasy's Travis Scott AJ 1 Low physical pattern, elevate your custom shoe-building game and bring your unique designs to life. Place your order now!

You can watch a live build of the Travis Scott Low hereStay tuned to our YouTube channel for upcoming instructional content designed to help you get the most out of our patterns. Also, follow us @SneakEasyShoeCo on Instagram for videos that guide you through the build process. 

Please note: SneakEasy Shoe Co. is an independent company and is not affiliated with Nike. The Air Jordan™ brand is a registered trademark of Nike, and our company neither sells nor produces Air Jordan™ shoes. Our patterns are made for customizing genuine Nike shoes that must be purchased separately.

*No refunds or exchanges. All sales final.

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