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AJ1 Travis Scott High - Digital Pattern

AJ1 Travis Scott High - Digital Pattern

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Introducing the Travis Scott AJ1 High pattern – the newest star in our Patterns for Makers, by Makers lineup. We've taken the iconic AJ1 silhouette and added a killer feature that sets it apart – the stash pocket. That's right, a secret stash pocket right in your sneaker! It's like having your own mini vault on your feet. How cool is that?

But hold on, there's more to this pattern than just a hidden pocket. We've got two mind-blowing YouTube videos to guide you through the entire process. Part 1 is a click away here, and Part 2 is ready for your viewing pleasure here. These videos are like having a personal shoemaking guru right in your living room.

Now, let's talk about that stash pocket again because, seriously, it's a game-changer. Need a spot for your secret notes, lucky charms, or a tiny snack for your sneaker adventures? This pocket's got you covered. Plus, it adds a whole new level of style to your Travis Scott AJ1 High.

Comfort? We've got you covered there too. We're throwing in an insole and arch pattern to make sure your Travis Scott AJ1 High feels as good as it looks. No more compromising on comfort while rocking your custom kicks.

Your Cricut is about to become your best friend. Our pattern is Cricut-friendly, so you can customize your design to perfection. Let the Cricut do the precision cutting and marking while you focus on unleashing your creative genius. If you need help getting the pattern going on the Cricut, watch this.

What's inside the pattern? Everything you need, from the upper, liners, toe-puff, reinforcements, to the lasting board. We've got it all covered. And you've got options! Choose between .pdf and .svg formats for your digital download. We're all about making your shoemaking journey as smooth as possible.

At SneakEasy Shoe Co., we believe in continuous evolution. That's why we're always improving our patterns. When you snag one of our patterns, you're not just getting a template; you're joining a dynamic community of makers. You get lifetime access to pattern updates at no extra cost. We're in this together!

One little reminder – all sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. We're an independent bunch, not connected to Nike. The Air Jordan™ brand is Nike's gig, and we're here to help you personalize the real deal.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of Travis Scott AJ1 High customization and create something that's uniquely you. Join us on this journey of shoemaking innovation, and let's make some sneaker magic! 💫

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