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AJ1 High - Physical Pattern

AJ1 High - Physical Pattern

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Stepping into the realm of excellence with SneakEasy Shoe Co.'s latest masterpiece: the physical version of the Air Jordan™ 1 Retro High pattern. Drawing inspiration from our acclaimed "Patterns for Makers, by Makers" series, this innovative pattern seamlessly blends the iconic high-top silhouette with intricate, craftsman-inspired details.

The standout feature is the sprung mudguard - a groundbreaking touch designed to streamline the lasting process, bringing a harmony of functionality and visual aesthetics. Added to this brilliance is an insole and arch pattern, exclusive to our offering, enhancing the comfort and support quotient of your custom creation.

Every component of the shoe, ranging from the uppers to the toe-puff, liners, and even the lasting board, is mapped out in this robust pattern. Developed on our very own AJ1 last, it ensures that every crafted piece is not only accurate but resonates with unparalleled finesse.

For those who love the tactile feel, our physical pattern offers the tactile experience of laying out your design on quality, durable material. Every intricate detail is rendered with precision, ensuring that your crafted piece is a remarkable testament to your skills and passion.

Looking to master the art of custom shoemaking? Our YouTube channel is poised to be your best companion. With a series of instructional content in the pipeline, we're committed to nurturing your skills, helping you transform your shoemaking vision into reality. You can see the build order here.

Important: SneakEasy Shoe Co. is an independent brand and is in no way affiliated with Nike™. Air Jordan™ is a registered trademark of Nike, and our endeavors solely revolve around crafting patterns. These patterns are intended for customizing genuine Nike shoes, which need to be procured separately.

Step into the future of custom shoemaking with us, and be a part of this revolution in design and craftsmanship. Embrace excellence with SneakEasy.

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