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Air Jordan™ 1 High - Digital Pattern

Air Jordan™ 1 High - Digital Pattern

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If you're looking to use the Cricut to cut your patterns watch this YouTube video.
Introducing the newest revolution in our Patterns for Makers, by Makers series – the Air Jordan™ 1 Retro High pattern by SneakEasy Shoe Co. This is more than a pattern; it's a daring declaration in footwear design that merges the classic high-top silhouette with remarkable details to inspire and facilitate your shoemaking adventure.

An exclusive feature of this pattern is the sprung mudguard – an inventive design detail that makes lasting a straightforward process. Not only does this pioneering element simplify the crafting process, it also adds a distinctive visual appeal, making this pattern a valuable asset for craftsmen of all skill levels.

Furthermore, unique to this pattern, we're including an insole and arch pattern. This exceptional addition will enable you to achieve unrivaled comfort and support, transforming your custom shoes into something that feels as good as it looks. This all-encompassing design blueprint offers you an enhanced level of crafting potential.

Our pattern is thoughtfully designed for easy integration with your Cricut. Adjust the Pen lines to suit your vision, and your Cricut will precisely cut and mark registration lines, leaving you free to focus on the creative aspects of your project.

This comprehensive pattern includes every component of the shoe, from the upper, liners, toe-puff, and reinforcements, to the lasting board. Your digital download, available in both .pdf and .svg formats, is meticulously designed on our AJ1 last, providing you with all the elements necessary to create a premium finished shoe.

The Air Jordan™ 1 High pattern from SneakEasy Shoe Co. is a game-changer, combining design elegance with practicality. Whether you're a seasoned shoemaker or a beginner, this pattern is a must-have tool that will elevate your shoemaking craft.

Our .svg files are expertly optimized for flawless cutting on your Cricut, while our .pdf file is tailored to be printed on 11" x 17" paper. Every intricate detail is precisely captured, ensuring your final product is a true testament to your craftsmanship.

Exciting news for our community! We're currently developing instructional content to aid you in your crafting journey. Stay tuned for these helpful tutorials on our YouTube channel.

At SneakEasy Shoe Co., we believe in the power of ongoing evolution. Our journey of perfecting our builds leads us to continually enhance our patterns, providing an ever-improving toolkit to our diverse community of builders. When you purchase our patterns, you're not just securing a high-quality design resource, but also joining a dynamic community and gaining lifetime access to our pattern updates. As we refine our designs, you'll always have the opportunity to download the latest version of your purchased pattern, at no extra cost.

Please note that all sales are final, with no provision for refunds or exchanges.

SneakEasy Shoe Co. is an independent enterprise and is unaffiliated with Nike. The Air Jordan™ brand is a registered trademark of Nike, and we neither sell nor manufacture Air Jordan™ shoes. We offer patterns for customizing authentic Nike shoes, which must be purchased separately. Join us on our journey of shoemaking innovation, and stay up-to-date with the latest in design evolution.

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